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I set up an advanced group to give those that had completed the Slouch to 5k program a chance to continue further. It would be a shame to let the initial 6 weeks training stop and hard earned fitness disappear.

The group is comprised of individuals that started as beginners and have progressed so everyone started from the same place.

Everyone has different goals for joining the group. The majority enjoy the 5k distance and want to improve their times. Some want to move on to 10k's which the training is also suitable for. One of the main reasons is the social aspect. They have made friends and enjoy training with them twice a week. It's much easier to run with someone and chat that attempting alone. 

The sessions are structured differently but the same rules still apply - go at a pace you are comfortable with and enjoy yourself. By varying the types of running you do, it not only makes it more interesting but makes you quicker. 

Tuesdays (Speed)

These are short reps of increased effort. You push yourself that little bit harder but for shorter periods of time. This will help you to become a stronger, faster runner. I advise runners to go at around 70% effort. 

Thursdays (Tempo)

These will be longer reps in or around your 5k pace. 

Long run

I organise these for the group every 4-6 weeks but encourage them to be done individually more often. They are done at conversational pace as a group. The purpose is to build stamina and endurance. 

Time Trial

I do these once every 6 weeks. They are simply a 5k to let the group to see how they have progressed. It's a great confidence builder when you see consistent or quicker times than previous. 


I have set up a members only group that allows them to easily find company for weekend runs. Once you commit to joining someone for a jog, it helps to keep you disciplined in your training.

Click here to join 

Strava group

I set this up so members can view others training. It's great for motivating and encouraging others. Also for recognising the effort people are putting in both in and out of the group sessions. It can be accessed by clicking the logo below. 

Running Group


Sign up now to join other beginners as they plan to get fitter in 2022. 

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